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Are You Into Classic T-Shirts?

If you are like most everybody else you do have a collection of T-shirts amongst your attire. Some individuals who buy this type of clothing really have no specific wants or needs concerning it. As long as it is new and quality made they really don’t care what it may possess in regards to the graphics that are on it. There are also some that prefer T-shirts with no graphics. Then there are those that are really into the classic T-shirts.

What Are Classic T-Shirts?

Classic T-shirts are basically those that were really trendy at some point in time. They can cover a large number of different categories. Some of the most favourites are those that deal with the sports or football, or rock bands or TV shows, or even favourite sayings that were hot in some point of time.

The Purpose of Classic T-Shirts

It is always fun to be able to sport a piece of attire that is going to create a memory in those that see it. This is basically what classic T-shirts do and it pays homage to some point of interest that the wearer may have. For example, they may have fallen in love with the 50s band that is pretty well forgotten now however when it is being touted on a classic T-shirt it brings back memories to those from this era.

The same applies to movies that are classed as golden oldies and although made many years ago the classic T-shirts brings it back to the minds of many.

If you were going to get into the classic T-shirts, there is no doubt that you will soon want to build a collection of them. This means that that you are going to go looking for stores that carry this type of T-shirt. Some specialize in this while others do not. Here at Mick we have decided to specialize in one that is very important which will take you back to the era of the Rocky movies.

Building a Collection

When you have decided that you are going to build a collection you really will find that this becomes a hobby. If you are building it around a movie then you are going to want to study that movie and find pieces out of it to highlight that you will then want to look for a T-shirt that will depict this. Then again you may want to have a customized T-shirt and use a movie or whatever category you are into as your creative enticement.

Take Good Care of Them

You will want to take good care of your classic T-shirts because there is no guarantee of how longĀ  these will be available. As time goes on they will become less and less available and who knows at some point in time your classic T-shirt may really and truly become a collector’s item. That doesn’t mean that you are not going to want to wear it because this is the real purpose of getting into these type of T-shirts .They’re not meant to just be stuck in a drawer in their original packaging which is what happens with many types of collector’s items.

What’s the Story Behind the Mick’s T-Shirts?

You may have seen a lot of different people sporting the Mick’s T-shirts. For some that are in the new generation they may not know the real story behind this which is very intriguing. This is they T-shirt that will bring back to memory the Rocky film series. This is one of the characters that was taking on a very important role in this series. It is a character by the name of Michael Goldmill which was shortened for Mick or Mickey. It was actually Sylvester Stallone himself that created this character.

For those at that have followed the Rocky film series there is no doubt they will fondly remember Mickey in his outstanding role. He was played by Burgess Meredith. Throughout this series the story behind Mickey is that he was born to a Jewish family and was a boxer from 1922 to 1947 in a professional sense. Although he was great at what he did he never reached any level of fame. Upon retirement he opened the gym in Philadelphia that was dedicated to boxing only and it was called Mighty Mick Boxing. The goal of Mick was to be able to train fighters. Here is where the famous Rocky Balboa comes into Mick’s life. Rocky don’t forget didn’t give himself much credit for having any potential and Mick didn’t give a much respect either, however Mick knew in his heart that Rocky had what it takes to be an exceptional boxer.

While Rocky was certainly the star of the series there is no doubt that without Mick playing the role throughout partial segments of the series that it would’ve been as powerful as it was.

After all, it was Mick’s work that brought Rocky to fame and the attachment the grew between these two created a powerful impact in the storyline. There are plenty of T-shirts that revolve around this series but those that became equally as famous and important as those that depicted Rocky were the Mick T-shirts. These strike a real chord with those that are into boxing and particularly trainers who perhaps had a deeper respect for Mick then perhaps they did with Rocky himself. If Mick had not taken a chance on Rocky who’s to say that this series would have become as popular and famous as what it was and the storyline itself really hits home with reality in the boxer’s world.

If you have respect for the boxing industry or a love for the Rocky series then you are definitely going to want to add a collection of Mick T-shirts to your attire. This is a great way for instituting new conversation about a very beloved series of movies.

Choosing Classic T-Shirts

if you enjoy wearing T-shirts like so many people do perhaps you will want to step it up a notch and really focus on the type of T-shirts that you are buying. Of course you are going to want a good selection of colours as well as insist on quality but how about going with the classic T-shirts. This can almost become a hobby as it is a most interesting way of buying T-shirts and not only that they often have a special meaning.

Classic T-shirts are those that refer to important things that have happened in bygone years. It may be famous sports teams or individuals or singers or even classic cars. They can take in a whole gambit of categories and if you’re going to get into the classic T-shirt collection then you want to choose those with a topic that appeals to you.

You may find it that with some of the categories that you have chosen that the T-shirts are actually registered and others are not. You have to decide which of these you want to go with or you can have a mix. They don’t necessarily have to be registered to have any meaning when you are wearing them.

What you are doing really when you are wearing classic T-shirts is that you are making a statement with them. You are telling people that you have an appreciation for that particular classic T-shirt that you are wearing. Perhaps you are into classic cars and you want to be able to portray the significance of this to others. There is no better way than to do it with then a classic T-shirt.

If you pick a popular topic you will find it that you will always be able to purchase T-shirts within that category. There are plenty of online shops that do carry these type of shirts. For example, here at Mick we are focusing on the boxing industry as well as the movie industry. We have chosen to carry the Mick T-shirts which goes back to the Rocky movie serious where Mick was the trainer and played a very important role in this movie making. For those that have a love for boxing they really are intrigued it being able to buy these T-shirts because it creates an awareness of the industry that they love but also creates a great focal point for starting up a conversation which is another reason why a lot of people go into the classic T-shirts.

When you are buying a classic T-shirt you want to make sure that the quality is good as well as the graphics. You don’t want to detract away from the message that the T-shirt is depicting. You also want to make sure that you take good care of these T-shirts and you will find that the print may vary on them as some may be embedded and others may be decals. To really preserve them make sure that you wash them inside out and if it happens to be a vinyl decal you might want to air dry rather than dry it in the dryer.

About Us Here at Mick

As you have probably already determined here at Mick we are all about tee-shirts, but most importantly about the Mick Tee-shirts. We chose to specialize in this specific category of classic tees because it is a theme that is so popular.

The first thing that you are going to notice when you are checking out our collection is the quality of the tees that we are offering. They are made of high quality 100% cotton. Laundering them is easy. Do make sure that you do not use any bleach as this turns cotton yellow. Then turn them inside out to protect the graphics. When drying them use a low to medium heat. You will also find that with our tee-shirts part of the exceptional quality they possess is because of the workmanship that has gone into them.

We have restricted ourselves to offering two basic colors, which is the white background with black letter, or the reverse which is the black background with the white lettering. You will notice that the graphics are crisp and detailed. They can be easily read from several feet away, and there will be no mistaking who Mick is thanks to the sharpness and likeness in the image.

These are tee-shirts that can be worn all year around, and they are unisex. You just need to order your appropriate size. Many of clients buy at least two so they can be worn as his n hers. The gals seem to like the white background, and they guys love the black. So it makes it a perfect set of attire. These tee-shirts are excellent for casual wear, and can easily be worn tucked into the pants or left to hand loosely over the belt area. They are perfect in length and the style allows for ample movement without feeling restrictive.

If you are not too sure about the story behind Mick then be sure to check out our short story about him. These tee shirts are conversation starters and you want to make sure that you have all the pertinent details about Mick so you can share these with people who notice your tee-shirt and may ask you about him. Don’t be surprised at how often when wearing these tee-shirts that conversations start up about the Rocky series. No doubt you are a Rocky movie buff too and this is one of the reasons why you have gone for the Mick tee-shirts.

Don’t just think about yourself when you are shopping here at Mick either. There must be plenty of people of both sexes that you know that would be very pleased to receive one of these amazing tee-shirts as a gift. You will no doubt be able to buy several of them as they are most reasonably priced and as said you and the person you are buying for will be most pleased with the quality and the look of our Mick Tee-shirts.